Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Time For Change

(all pictures from the Chicago Tribune)

With the city sky-line in the background, with the building lights gleaming like little stars in the night, with the American flags waving from the hands of the young and old, White and Black, thousands and thousands of people gathered in Grant Park to celebrate an unforgettable moment in our history. I would have loved to be in my hometown to join my fellow Chicagoans yesterday. Even though I'm miles and miles away in Buenos Aires, I've seen (thanks to the wonders of the internet) the celebrations that are taking places ALL OVER the world due to Obama's victory. In Chicago alone, I have never see such excitement and grand celebration since perhaps the Bulls winning their 4th championship. People flocking to the streets and honking horns always reminds me of the Bulls but this time around it wasn't the Most Valuable Player (Michael Jordan) that had people in tears, cheering. No, it was the Most Valuable President, Barack Obama, who had people cheering, crying, and being patriotic. I have never been more proud in my life to be an American and Chicagoan. I never though I'd see people dancing in the street, chanting USA, USA!! I never thought that I'd see people of all colors, races and religions come together to cheer for our first Black president. When has a president drawn crowds of people from cities of the USA to the cities of Europe, Asia and Africa? For once, countries are happy and proud of the USA. For once, countries want to work with our American President to help heal this world. For once, the voices of American people were heard.

The day we elected our first Black President will always be remembered. What a huge step for mankind. This is an image I will for always want to see and remember...two races hand in hand...two races united. Together, the world will stand united.