Wednesday, June 18, 2008

And the Count Down Starts

What have I done except for quit my job? Well, all I've done is pack a couple of books which is hardly anything. Unlike moving to a new apartment in a different part of the city, moving to another country is even more stressful. I have to decide what I want to keep to put in storage, what I want to give away, and what I want to take with me. These are "the three piles" as Jackson calls it. Thank God for Jackson!!! He keeps me sane during my worry and stressful episodes. He also perks me up (usually by biting my cheeks) when I'm sad about leaving my family and friends.

Jackson was a great boyfriend yet again. Of course he's the best boyfriend EVER in this whole world, but we already know that. On Saturday when I started balling after having worked my last shift at the University of Chicago Children's Hospital. When I got home that Saturday night, it finally sunk in that I would never work with my girls at Comer again, that I wouldn't see my patients, that I wouldn't be a nurse for who knows how long. Yes, I've bitched and complained about work a gazillion times but the truth is I will miss work. Clarification, I will miss my co-workers and being a nurse. But, I WILL NOT miss the politics and management involved in UCCH.

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Jackson Bliss said...

Hey little bug, I think you need to post another entry soon. So far this blog feels. . . what's the word. . . lonely. Love you. -- j2b