Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Cry for me Argentnina

For the first time since my arrival to Buenos Aires, I felt completely at peace and at home. Maybe it was the dinner and a movie that made me feel like this...I don't know. What I do know is that Jackson and I both enjoyed yesterday's outing with my cousin to see the 7pm show of Sex and the City in Recoleta. To start off the night, my cousin made us speed race to the theater. Of course this made it impossible for Jackson and I to familiarize ourselves with the route to Recoleta or the theater. Fortunately, the speed racing paid off because not only did we manage to buy tickets but we also managed to buy something to munch on as well. Odd thing about buying movie tickets in Buenos Aires, at the ticket booth, you select your seats!! It's not like in the USA where you buy your tickets and then "Good luck in finding a good seat!" I haven't quite decided whether I like Buenos Aires ticket buying system better. I guess it makes better sense to know you're only option are crappy seats. Unless you absolutely want to see the movie, crappy seats are perfect. As for most people though, if the ticket booth lady says "the only seats we have are two in the front row" then we probably will come back for the next showing.

The movie itself was nice. Like Jackson said, it had a lot of what women like...clothes, shoes, relationships, a great group of BFFs, kids, dogs and who can forget...LOVE. One downside about the movie is that the closeness between Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda made me miss my friends back home. After the movie, we walked to a near by restaurant where we devoured panqueques which in translation means pancakes. I know pancakes for dinner?! Not quite, another unusual difference in Argentine culture is that panqueques are like crepes that are not sweet. The one Jackson and I shared was filled with cheese, olives, and tomatoes, very good by the way. On our way back home, my cousin pointed out the famous Recoleta cemetery which Jackson and visited the next day.

Today, Jackson and I went to Recoleta cemetery to visit Eva Peron's (Evita)tomb. The cemetery was unlike any other cemetery I have ever seen. People walked down the paths as though they were walking the streets of Venice. The cemetery itself seemed to be a hidden castle. It had high brick walls with glorious statues peaking out from the top. The streets of Buenos Aires surround the cemetery. Its not until you walk through Recoleta Park that you find the museum like entrance. Surprisingly, there weren't a lot of people visiting Evita's grave considering that tomorrow is the anniversary of her death. Once the musem closed which was fifteen minutes after we arrived (we made it there just in time), Jackson and I walked home. I hope that we have more days like these. It helps me get to know the city more and helps me feel comfortable with our move.
On our way to Recoleta cemetery.

Entrance to the cemetery

Streets of Venice?

Only the cats stay after the cemetery closes.

Flowers for Evita

Beautiful statutes....I could have been in an art museum.

Full from a delicious dinner.

Scene of the crime and the end to wonderful day.

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