Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Unlocking the Door to a New World

These are the keys to my new home. Instead of opening the door to my apartment, they should open a castle door. Don't you think? Now that I've unlocked the door, here are some pictures highlighting my days in Buenos Aires since the first day I arrived, July 16th 2008 until now...enjoy.

Zoe knocked out on her new pillow after a rough flight.

Both Zoe and Jackson looking out the balcony. And what do they see you may ask?...........

....This is what Zoe and Jackson saw.

Our living room...

Jackson already working hard in our dining room.

July 18, 2008, the day I received my first delivery. My mom, dad, and sister sent me this beautiful bouquet for my 28th birthday.

Zoe is looking at the heavens, amazed at how beautifully yellow these flowers are.

The streets in San Telmo.

Downtown Buenos Aires at the Obelisco.

Getting some ice cream with Carlos Gardel.

And, these were just a few pictures of our first week in Buenos Aires. Hoped you enjoyed:)

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