Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Not So Popular Pooch

It's official, Zoe is no longer the most popular pooch in town. The days of neighbors calling out her name from across the street are long gone as well as her group of doggy friends, like Rodney(the shihtzu),Whimpie(the Golden Retriever), and Larry( the sharpei).

In Buenos Aires, my poor Zoe doesn't have any friends, no dog friends or human friends (she really prefers the human friends). Buenos Aires so far has given her dirty paws with crap stuck them and no attention from passer-byers. Back home, people would get out of cars to play with her. Children would run to her and neighbors would say "hey, there's Zoe!" Zoe doesn't give up, though. She wags her tail like a propeller and bats her eye lashes, every time a porteño walks by her, during her daily walks around the neighborhood. Unfortunately, Zoe has no luck. NO ONE looks her way. I'm flabbergasted!! As the mother to this beautiful shihapoo, I feel bad for little, eager Zoe, when people ignore her and dogs growl at her.

One assumption I have is that porteños are not affectionate with their pets. Unlike in the US, they really don't make a dog a man's best friend. My cousin, who's Argentine, practically shouted at me "Don't treat her (her not Zoe) like a human!!" Could it be that porteños simply own dogs for protection, that they see dogs as simply dogs, an animal? What's wrong with making a dog part of the family? Doesn't humanizing them a bit make them friendlier, loving and happy? I'm not sure what porteños think about dogs but the dogs I've seen are not very friendly. Without fail, all the dogs I've encountered want to bite Zoe. Why is this? She's not aggressive by no means. The dogs are not only mean to Zoe, though. I even saw a small cocker spaniel try to bite an old lady, who wanted to pet his/her head. Are porteño dogs simply not used to affection? Who knows...

I do have to say, though, that old ladies tend to be a little more receptive to Zoe. They won't pet her but they do say "Que linda" with a smile. Today however, a young man stopped me in the street to ask what kind of dog Zoe is. Turns out, the guy has a little girl who wants a dog like Zoe. At least for a moment, the guy made Zoe the most popular pooch and for that, Zoe and I are both thankful.

And now, some pictures of the most popular pooch in Chicago........

Zoe being happy, friendly and loving.

Getting all the love and attention she loves, Zoe could be held like this for hours.

Sleeping with her daddy

Lost in each other eyes.....

Zoe is NBA star in her dreams.

First day home from the hospital...um, I mean pet shop:)
My little Zoe weighing only 4.5 pounds in this picture.


miss tango said...

Maybe it is just your barrio that is just a little colder (Palermo or Recoleta?) Of course having a baby, people talk to me all the time, but when we had the lost dog temporarily the amount of people who came up to me tripled, even when I was not with the baby.

Erika Borbor said...

Your good Miss Tango! We live in Palermo. The same thought crossed my mind too. I also thought that maybe it's our barrio. I might have to try out another barrio:0

stilllifeinbuenosaires said...

You should do an experiment and rate the different neighborhoods you walk in on friendliness.

Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures!

Erika Borbor said...

I thought about conducting a little experiment like that. I just don't know if Zoe's little legs can keep up with all the walking:)

pipinthecity said...

well, you get all sorts of treatment with dogs here, but most people love dogs (not so much the poop on the sidewalk they are associated with... of course, it´s a bit dense to blame that on the poor dog instead of the stupid owner), but anyway, I have a golden retriever named Phoebe who is extra friendly, so you can bring Zoe to our plaza sometime and we can arrange a little playdate ;)