Friday, August 22, 2008

My Cup of Tea

Since my arrival to Buenos Aires, I have been longing for the teas at Intelligensia, Argo, Dullop, and Café Neo. Surrounded in this city of plain tea, I miss the jasmine tea with honey and soy milk from Intelligensia. I crave a soy chai latte with gingerbread from Argo, especially on the cold winter days in Chicago. As for the summer days in Chicago, the iced chai was just the perfect drink. Finally though, thanks to Tina, Jackson and I have a place in Buenos Aires where we can drink great tea.

On Friday Jackson and I went to El Último Beso, a cute little café in Palermo, set apart from the busier, touristy streets in the neighborhood. The ambiance was relaxing, warm, and bright, definitely a unique place. They had an assortment of tea, all named after famous movies, like Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Cinema Paradiso, to name a few. Of course with names like those, the tea could only be phenomenal. Overall, the entire place was phenomenal. I especially fell in love with the decor, white walls and furniture with a splash of colorful lamps and chairs. Definitely a place my mom would enjoy and not only because of the name. The café says "Ana" in every corner. Hopefully one day she can have her taste of El Último Beso.

The entrance to El Último Beso. I love the black and white contrast. The black iron, against the tall windows, not to mention the white benches.

Jackson posing in front of our new favorite café.

From chandeliers to tall, white doors... victorian china to... a white leather sofa.

Me and Jackson on the white, leather sofa.

What I like to call the Red Room. Again I love the contrasting colors. In this case, the red and the white.

Jackson thinking "We must come here again"

I had to include this picture for Sophia. Fia, I saw this massive add while walking to El Último Beso. Of course, I thought of you instantly and knew you would like to see your name in all its glory.

Ahh little sis, all we need is your face in this magazine:) I miss you you...besos


Sallycat said...

Ah well, this does look like my cup of tea... what a gorgeous place. And I tell you what else is my cup of tea, meeting lovely people: fellow bloggers and writers, in one of my favourite tango haunts on a Monday afternoon.
It was great to meet you and Jackson today, and hope it won't be the last time I see you guys.
Hugs, SC

Erika Borbor said...

It was great meeting you too SC. We definitely have to get together again:)