Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to Reality

I've been feeling fidgety lately and I think it's because it's time for me to join the working world. I'm a little reluctant and scared to do so though because this will be my first time working outside the USA. Actually I'm a lot scared. I have no idea what to apply for here in Buenos Aires. Do I apply for a nursing position, even though I don't know if a hospital will accept my nursing license? Do I apply at some telemarketing company, knowing that I really don't want to answer phone calls and be yelled at? Should I teach English, even though I have no teaching experience? Or should I answer a few random ads on craigslist? AHH!!! Every time I sit in front of the computer, ready to start my job search, I get bummed and overwhelmed. What do I do if all I know is nursing? I know I'm super qualified for any nursing position in an Argentine hospital, but all the legalities might get in the way of me actually working as a nurse here. However, this is not my only concern. When I quit my job two months ago, I questioned whether I even wanted to be a nurse in the first place. Okay to be completely honest, I had no intention of returning to the nursing profession. Like most nurses, I've reached boiling point, and I am completely and utterly burned out. Don't get me wrong, I love the profession and I love the kids. I simply CANNOT take the hospital politics anymore. This topic, however, can be a separate entry. Sometime in the future, I will have to write about the woes of nursing and what I want to do instead of it...a little hint, it involves school.
Back to what I was talking about, before I went off on a nursing politic tangent. Even though before I came to Buenos Aires, I no longer want to practice nursing, I still vacillate between wanting and not wanting to work here as a nurse. Reasons being, I've never had to work in an environment where Spanish was the spoken language. Yes, I'm fluent in Spanish, but Argentine Spanish is very different. Secondly, I'm screwed in regards to medical terminology. Despite these facts though, I bravely started setting foot in reality and submitted my first CV to el Hospital Británico. I know this is the first submission out of a bunch, but at least I have officially started traveling back to reality.

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