Saturday, August 2, 2008

Buenos Aires Brings Cold Aires

In my two weeks in Buenos Aires, today has been the coldest. Of course, the 39-45 degree weather that I experienced today is something I can totally handle being a Chicagoan used to 10 degrees below zero. Being Chicagoans, Jackson and I have been able to determine when the weather has reached 40 degrees by simply being able to see our breath, one of our many talents. And today being one of those days, Jackson and I were able to see our breath while walking to a cafe on avenida Santa Fe. I know, why on earth am I talking about cold weather and being able to see my breath? Well, the cold weather allows me to connect with two cities. The cold air in Buenos Aires takes me to Chicago. It takes me to mid-November when the the leafs have fallen and when people on the streets walk around with coffee cups from Argo Tea, mine being chai soy latte.....yum. Cold weather is something I know all too well, 27 years of knowing. So, I appreciated the cold air in Buenos Aires today. Instead of the chai soy latte, Jackson and I enjoyed some tea with a medialuna, a evening tradition we've picked up rather fast. So, I had a nice winter evening in the city of "Good Airs."

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