Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My New Best Friend

I admit it, I'm behind in the world of YouTube. I've always heard about it and even checked YouTube out a couple of times in the past, never understanding what all the fuss was about of course. Now that I'm in Argentina though, I think YouTube is the next best thing! To my disappointment when I arrived in Buenos Aires, I discovered that I cannot watch some TV shows outside the USA. The channels will simply not allow for international viewing...I know, bummer. Here is where YouTube comes into play. To satisfy my laziness and need for American television, I've relied on what else but YouTube. It has been a great source in connecting with home. I've watched Chicago news, clips from America's Best Dance Crew (no laughing at my TV selection please), episodes from Ugly Betty, and even a documentary on Evita. While I'm currently unemployed, I've found YouTube to be quite entertaining, allowing time to fly by. I should really get my ass off the sofa and go outside, but it's hard to not give into this addictive drug. Maybe just one more hour of my new best friend, before I get dressed and head out the door.


Tina said...

YouTube is addicting... and so is Twitter! Aaaaah!

If you need an excuse to leave the house, I'd be happy to meet for coffee/tea sometime. E-mail me through my blog and I'll get back to ya :-)

Happy youtubing!

Erika Borbor said...

I'm going to have to check out Twitter. If I become completely addicted, I'm blaming you....haha...just kidding:)

I'm going to e-mail you on your blog now:)